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Awards and Recognition

Ants in My Pants has been awarded the Independent Author Network Book of the Year Award as a Finalist. This highly prized award has been hailed and recognized by the Alliance of Independent Authors, Author Marketing Experts, and Book Award Pro, among many others who trust IAN to spotlight books of special value to the reader. The IAN Book of the Year Awards program is open to all English language print and ebooks available for sale, including small presses, independent publishers, university presses and self-published authors. English-language books from all over the world are entered and judged, with the best of the best honored as Finalists and, ultimately, one winner in each category.

The judging is performed by experienced reviewers, authors, publishers, and editors. Awards are based on stringent criteria, considering eye-catching covers and great interior design, a great title with well-organized and researched material on a subject that is timely and/or timeless, unique or presented in a unique way to appeal to a wider audience.

The Independent Author Network Medal

Ants in My Pants is a joyful read from start to finish. Joyce invites you into her magical and varied adventures in countries many of us have never visited. Her courage and plucky spirit shine through the myriad of stories that grew to define her as a woman. Funny, self-deprecating, and inspiring—you won’t be able to put it down.”

-Deb Stratas, author of the series The Kingston Twins Series


Ants in My Pants takes us up the heart-stopping heights of Mt. Kilimanjaro, diving with sharks, crossing sand dunes by camel, roughing it in rural communities without running water, celebrating the trials and triumphs of every-day people and sailing to cold, distant corners of a world seldom seen by most. Joyce’s fascinating anecdotes left me gripping my chair, gasping with laughter and holding my breath; her dedication to education and health care may have been the jumping-off point for her travels, but it’s her immense bravery, in the face of some rather precarious situations, that is nothing short of awe-inspiring.


“Accomplishing the extraordinary as a single white woman in countries dominated by ruthless, intimidating men, Joyce is a true heroine. These are not the travels of your typical all-inclusive kind of vacationer but, instead, the kind of exploits that will keep you turning pages long after you should have turned out the lights.”

-Jeanette Manning, co-author Walking Away from Hate: Our Journey through Extremism


“Put on your hiking boots, grab your backpack and join the author as she travels the world, intent on seeing new places and meeting people of other nationalities and cultures. Her curiosity and adventurous nature are sometimes met with unexpected and sometimes dangerous situations, and she manages to keep her cool and learn from them while keeping the reader in mind by sharing with us the emotional challenges at each decision point. So, enjoy the adventure by keeping an open mind, and you may find yourself making plans for an adventure of your own.”

-Connie Campbell, R.N., CPHQ, who worked for 17 years in Saudi Arabia.


“Wow! A fascinating voyage through many countries with a personal twist. Joyce’s adventures across seven continents kept me reading almost non-stop.”

-Richard R. Pyves, Author of Night Madness & Courage, Sacrifice, and Betrayal


“Travel, community, and health—Three things the world can use more of—all wrapped into this wonderful life story. From providing aid to needing some assistance on her adventures, Joyce shares her passion, kindness, and courage. A fun and exciting read!”

-Matthew Anderson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Health, Toronto, Canada.


“There’s no stopping Joyce Perrin and that is a gift for anyone reading her memoir. Every adventure is offered in her warm and inviting style so that you feel just like you’re along for the journey. And what a journey. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to arrive at sunrise, feel the heat of a red sand dune beneath your feet, pop a freshly picked date into your mouth—no matter where Joyce takes you in the world, there are delights to discover, and people and places to know.”

-Ruth E. Walker, author and editor


“When I opened the first page, we were strangers. Then, Joyce took my hand and led me through the beautifully written stories of her adventurous life and we became forever-friends. I could not put the book down.”

-Judy Lund-Bell, attorney, pilot, and author of Flying with a Dragon on Our Tail


“A delightful chronicle of a life well lived. It is so much more than a brave woman with Ants in Her Pants. It is a purposeful adventure, and I was moved as much by the impact the writer had on the people on her journey as I was with the travel itself. If you want to make a change in your life, explore another culture or just have a good armchair adventure, this book is for you!”

Dorothy Payne, MSc Health and Wellness Promotion

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